Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what words I want embroidered?

Absolutely! Please reach out directly through my contact page to discuss your custom choices.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yup! If you're interested in purchasing wholesale orders of napkins, please reach out directly to me at for a line sheet and wholesale order form.

What's your favorite letter to embroider?

I'm so glad you asked! Lowercase g is my favorite letter to embroider. A close second is lowercase a.

How long will my order take to be made and delivered?

That will depend on if the item is currently in stock and how large of an order you've placed. If in stock, items can be shipped within a week of placing an order. If they need to be made or are a custom order, it can take up to 2 weeks. Wholesale orders will opperate on a different timeline based on the size of the order.

Where can I find your items in a brick and mortar store?

You can find bizentine creations at Shackford's Kitchen Store located in downtown Napa, CA, and also online at the Keep Oakland Alive website: